Digital Dynamics

There is always a window between a user and a company offering. What the role of digital dynamics has moulded, would be that window is undoubtedly traced and left as a shadow behind the user.

While working on multiple Ad-Networks like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Taboola, RevContent and Facebook, effective to what our digital identity would define us to be, our Advertising climate changes accordingly, pushing researchers to purse study of user behaviour or what we call consumer behaviour. So user count to be identical matters.

Social media which had made us social revolutionaries for the ages to go down. Has its own wings triggering us to a choice of privacy risk. But who claims out from this figured and risked field of ad-bits and bytes.

User Acquisition has been a threshold to the potential business expansions either you have few customers and you attain maximum Relevancy, Frequency and Monetary for them or vice versa.

That’s of fishing out of that 4.39bn individual digital personalities. If I believe every user differs at psychology, Social Standard (Mobile/Network) and demographics splits.

Where, we would have two chances to sell a product, either user reality or user digital reality.

Eg : You spoke about a pet shop in front of an android phone and it starts reflecting on your adverts.

Your clicks lead you to multiple spams. Your ads follow you. User cookie acceptance means indirect tracing of data”.

We leave lot many attributes On where user data follows in, towards a search index, towards ad platform and towards scripting.

As in this field we call it ghosting out digital shadow.


Scenes create a pave of suddenness

My smile and cry was grilled with my failure so greatness.

They call behind and say my revert is impossible

Kill my name, but how can you kill an idea.

Good age has good lies, see so great

Your leaders fever me, I know more and that’s a firing failure.

My lost has to assemble the lies and truth shall die with me

But remember those loyal today will be in chains and I will fly icarus free.

My remains are served on table where faking is a the treat tonight

My walk is a new stardom, where your darkness would be out of sight.

My years of struggle and silence from home has made me numb

Your brains took me threat, so you acted so dumb.

“Farewell to the truth, Fire is born”


Miracle to be called yours is my heaven, you are not mine above gods treason.

Beats of my sad symphony quietly reaches your land over a message of my death.

Crying and regretting, over asking you how is your love.

Walking to reach the impossible,with dried eyes for your shadow.

I may die in the strings of music, but my love will be sung forever.

Imagined to live for your smile, Amazed to see you dry.

She wanted a name of flight, He wanted her happiness.

Mortal heart beats for true love and dies against the distance.

You know everything, you feel everything!

Next cycle should go; you being me and me being you.

Question you!

She is as quiet as this night, she is as far as moon.

Standing with no hope I wait for a Queen tide and wash me away down to her feet.

Left on this forgotten land, I eat dust to find her trace.

Sky is the only common now, hold hands to heat now.

Years of wait and love, wets off my paper-ship, with no promise I sail to death.

Will you allow me, Will you let me!

Should I follow you, Will you let me!

Failed dream

There is no noise in my screams, there is no volume of what I feel away from her reason.

Far away in a union of her seek, lies a star loosing his light.

Source has moved through the flight to uncalled land.

Land with a name she won’t tell, just telling she is confused.

Her life holds no mess, just pain and agony for things I never was lucky to listen and guessed.

My words can’t heal her, my words state just seen to her.

Would I be a trouble or would I run for the impossible dreams.

Would she ever know,

Should she ever know.


Away from the life she was hanging on, away from the people whom she hated and loved the most.

She has a new mountain to cross, seeking herself for peace.

Away from my out of no purpose love, she has a better life to witness.

She has new journey ahead, with her smile to like and new reasons to stay.

Away from a monster who just harassed her virtues, just a word of cry he has oceans to cover.

Where her new place is his impossible dream, will she be back will she remember that ugly face.

10th Nov

Not just a date, it follows pain with helplessness for bearing a smallest hope.

Rope holding me for the purpose has gone. Leaving for a name that was clearly not mine,

Who is she to cage my soul and heart. Didn’t I drop her name from mercy,

Now when she has left how, what purpose do I serve.

Just a dot ending at the tunnel with mocking me to run after.

Should I wait for a better day or should I die right away.