Past is dead.

that red dot falls on that blue blazing sky

with every ink drop written leads it to die,

morning symphonies hold words like you are there with open arms

with every move back towards you fills up his heart with false darts,

sinner bows down in guilty for the mercy heat

with no measure to how high was that heart beat,

with every step forward scream there you are

yet flown in her own mystic ways treasure is just too far,

homeland filled with too many faces

nostalgia to those crosses i see so many new cases,

overlay the sound of broken when i am fixed

i had got myself into mess now all i am is just missed,

no life in your name found

treasure living away from these mountains ended the circle round,

only we forgive us when we are no sorry

there was no rush as there is no hurry,

ignite the fire that burned him down to dust

hard as stone now reborn with a new crust,

act like he is little drunk for his words no more tremble

contradictory to what we feel in sobriety is words just fumble,

when you call him in the crowd

so many faces will turn as then you will be in doubt,

things we needed back then we were young

as just blown away in wind for you wont be far,

past is dead and future lives with smiles

his heart stands with nerdy mountain so no cries.


Voice and Screams

nothing would ever stop if i die

that ride to somewhere leads to nowhere i cry,

beats study has no stop

connect it way to way as a dot,

i see pretty good waste in the symphony of love

there is no mercy in your name; so no reason to bow,

voice is screaming loud and clear

nothing can stop me to be in fear,

tracks and trees lead to your story

all i hail within is just a sorry,

simple is the art of giving

why had you blazed your soul for not living,

i rather be anywhere but here, they say

but there were no good years its just mud and clay,

its just deep blue sky that screams

blue turns grey with no twinkle beams.

up above pain i see my filled heart

like a kid i wonder how high can i go only to push the heavenly cart,

i see mountains calling me

i see devalued place of outmost misery calling me,

as day meets the night look into my eyes

for which no where i feel my love dies.

1st DEC.

Where all it heads toward is a mildest cloudy wall

With orange displaying its vibrancy over the white light,

Thoughts lay in those back lanes where its me and only me

looking for way outs but running in circles for only she,

Blank vision directed in every means show no sight

so why this fight, so why this height.

you live far away from my eyes

but your name crosses everyday ,just to make me die.

Speedy is life, curbing this soul

Rip this heart, as peace smells so foul

i may not surrender, but i have builded myself hopeful

as a lover, i swear i am gonna die with you, being so thoughtful.

slow sound reflects the words written by mud drenched in blood

faded and afraid to leave them all alone unwritten as of i want them filled up as flower bud,

tell me i can fail one more time

does it ever get so low to fail yet taken as a crime,

gave me myself no name

thinking you could live with me where nothing is to blame,

i thought i will catch myself if i fall

tough as it feels no forever make a call.

I may not tame it the way i want it for me

One day i could ask you how does it feel

staying in those shades where i could just disguise everyday before i die under a tree

does it ever get so lonely as to take silence as a meal.

“Because god is the one that took you from you

So why to pain me”

Without me

Discovered you when your heart was down and out

heart made of glass cries in tears until the point when it is flooded out,

Took it so far to keep you close

I was hesitant to abandon me all alone.

I said i would  get you on the off chance if god will fall

What’s more, on the off chance that god classes me for a no call.

Afterwards I got you myself on knees

To make sure i could exploit me,

Disclose to me how’s it feel sitting up there, watching

Feeling so high however too far away to hold me,

You know I’m the person who put you up there

Name in the sky, Name in the mercy, Does it ever get forlorn?

Supposing you could live without me,

Gave love in hundred attempts

Simply running from the devils in your brain

At that point I took yours and made them mine.


Beautiful Serpant

The green grove a magnet to my eye
on these sun baked plains

I enter the glade to take shade with the cicadas
and vampire lifeless souls,

Then I see it, Eden’s villain, coiled and rattling, red ready to strike again

I raise my staff, I too programmed to survive, do to what millennia
has taught

still we are in this staring standoff—silent save its rattle, deaf
I am to the chorus of insects

neither of us moves for an eternity of seconds, until this beautiful serpent lunges at my feet

where its fangs find a field mouse, and devour it while I watch, an unwitting witness to expiry other than my own

I leave the copse, whole, content another creature has, for today, taken my place in the bloodletting.

Seldom Free

As a dare grey sky scanted in a dull cage,
Man’s mounting spirit in his bone-house, mean house, dwells in with looking for her heart
That bird beyond the remembering he will never be free
This in drudgery, day laboring out life’s age for love.
Though aloft on turf or perch or poor low stage for her life so crow

Yet both drop deadly sometimes in their cells
Or writing their barriers in bursts of fear or rage.

Not that the sweet story, needs no rest to cry
Why, hear him, hear him babble and drop him down to his worst,
But for your  worst, so prison.
Man’s spirit will be flesh bound, when found at best.

Waqt ki bepardegi

Waqt ki barbadi ka sabab toh us ashiq ko pata tha

Jiska naseeb dafan hone tak pyar ki iltija kar raha tha


Par do gaaz zameen he toh thi jo us itifaaq ke liyai harz thi

Dard ka ilhaam toh tab mila jab sachayi ke lafz dil me utar gayai


Un ankhoo se nafrat ki surat dekhi

ji ankhoo mai pyar ka ayaam mila tha


Kitnu se tu lada’ee ga ae ashiq bas zaraf ilhaam ke liyai

jis waqs ka toh bas allah maalik tha


Tu tha , mai tha, magar nahi tha woh zamaana

jis zamaane main zindagi lafzo pe chalti thi


Aaj dekhle meri taraf  ki kya mila tujhe is haqeeqat ko dukh deke

Zindagi ki muraad tab khareef thi jab tak insaan saans leta


Waqt beparda karta hai us gamhad ki kahani ko

jin kahaniyo mai marz allah ke khilaf jung likhi ho


Jismai  roz ye dard dil us nafrat mai haqeeq padta hai

us roz ankhai ansoo ch’od deti hai, warna mai aur bas mai


Bas kahani hai ye har din ki

“jismai jism bemaar ho toh bas quran ka shifa padha jayai

jismai umeed pe ho toh insha padha jayai

aur har haram mai uski maut ki dua ki jayai”




Sad Stars

When everything falls low

Miss her smile which hails from snow

Only if its hiding, then bow

As I got imprisoned in my own sow,


Everything that to be touched goes cold

It makes no craves to fall in being no bold

I may not have you anymore still I will hold

Yet my soul is under a deal, it may get sold,


Sad symphony smiles at the stars so sad

Every time i am so high to be stated bad

Place of scream would echo my pain, if I had,


Losing everything around is no art

Walk alone on that pain, and point it as dart

Its pinned into two pieces, if i had that heart,


Treasure to belief to healing leads to boundaries of nothingness

I may be everything but didn’t I seek forgiveness,


That was it, so not fit to call you my mine

It gave me nothing, I lost everything and now I am not fine,


It needs no talent to be angry

I am sorry for drinking too much brandy,


Keep me tearing apart if it’s the call

I may loose myself and learn nothing in that brawl,


Take it easy on my side

I may have outlived my own self, she replied

Every day in my words I have died

it was clearly self harm, i call it suicide,


Did I need more pain

I never wanted to talk about things that were to unchain

Desire what everyone runs away from, To be sane,


Have I lost myself in this retrospection

I am just being painful and that’s the finalization,


I may never be right

But I got varied reason to fight,


Bleeding glass dies in its own way

I may run to horizons away to find the end of this painful bay


I may have lost the control on the word deep

Love does heal and reduces the concentrated heap


Here am I again ,desperate enough to hide behind words so ruthless

Here are you again, courageous enough to find the faceless.



Three steps forwards,

the girl surely took

and on her path did find

the boy to wake her heart

from its frozen state

and bring clarity to her mind.

He spoke to her,

rambling away the thorns

on every stroll they took,

and never for a moment

did she feel

that he hadn’t understood.

Egoistic Harrow

Ambivalence of choice and way of living
The fork at the end of the road paves way for no fools
A community of similarity yet division
Each home houses a different intention
Some souls confident, some insecure
Which one resonates depends on you…

Stainless-steel gates of pride
Corridors stuffed with hideous lies
Gardens of weeds, shackled birds
Acres of land but no entries allowed

Next door –

A snug cottage invites all visitors
Warm with assurance
Contagious laughter gleams through the blinds
Windows seep in all of glory’s light

She oppose –

One built an ego for protection
Defected with death
Deflecting all chance for development;
The other drowns out all fears and doubts
Harnessing the tools of awareness
Reaching for betterment

To live and love with a purpose
Give fire to the soul’s ambition
To fail and persevere
Stronger and more prepared
Leaving the esteem elsewhere
Pursuing the dream that awaits with open arms for destiny’s fate with her name falled as mercy.