Every tear he cried 

Every  blood drop he shed,

Every plea he made

Everytime he begged,

Can you die for me has always been a question of ask to every single person who believes he is in love,

Yet Can you live for me should be a question to ask I suppose just not it shows you

What you really are

Who you really become

What you really want,

For example ,we dry our body by pain to an extend where it surely will dissolve the anniexty with in you.

But when it comes to handling the pain to a level where you don’t define yourself

How could you bearly breath when your whole life is choking

Messed up she said

Death he craved,

At times situation turns out to be out worst if you don’t speak, usually past defines you by the name of either as a gambler or a mercenary !

What about the child within me that got killed by the arrows of subjective non formal needy love.

If people plea you it means they actually they have sense of guilt and surely they are changing.

Numb mind ,broken heart and a dead soul are mixture of something that are much difficult to understand and over thinking makes you one hell of a depressing person.

Nights meant for sleep turn into warfare of a broken heart and numb mind.

Heart and brain if thinking same can make a person turn genius but different paths turns them An Anarchist ,A Psychotic gangster.

“Well cry and scream out loud

Because death has came to your doorsteps

Calling the soul out 

One thing to ask, 

Will she attend the ceremony

Because I have given my sins 

Now,I’m ready for my hell”

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