Long back bad called by everyone, 

Screams his Story of pain in silence,

In a tug of war he always lost,

Violent words and he likes the way it hurts,

He cries after every cry but that’s alright,

So may he wanted to run,

Maybe he never wants to leave,

On the first page of his story, his future seemed to be a bright

Then everything turned to so evil

He doesn’t know why is he breathing

Even angels had to leave

And he take them no new extremes 

If though he lost his life

Now there is silence in everyone’s voices 

Even when he is right 

Till walls go black , so speak softly

So he said lord not to touch him,

As he used to follow everyone as lost puppy,

Anyone I am so lost , watch me

Can anyone tell him how ugly he is but he always loved 

Road to aftermath already started 

Destructive path he is on, one psychopath he remained

How many knifes people had at him , he still got everyone’s back

Because he was not lucky

Every one hated ,but he lost count 

Away from youth of fountain

His love was crazy yet he refuses counseling

Left with a silence,Never return alive

Refused his lord , because he was alone onboard

Who to blame , how to bleed

Verdict of his life out , did he had any doubt 

Wrote his part out, there was a lot in his heart to shout

Is this what they call , everyone who felt the same

No wonder why humans died for the love because he had no shame

Won’t last much everyone said 

Was he every lasting, lord said 

Take me , home he craved ,Still alone he blamed 

Was it his funeral he claimed , dead already he was never saved 

What did he do all his life , Sins

Dreathfull will it be when soul taken out,

And yet he was smiling archest one shouted,

Warning you ,lord told.Already broken he roared 

Questioning my verdict you fool, they say you are hope but you made me this insane

You will die everyday ,when was I ever living at the edge of a bay 

Drown Him in depths ,burn him in flames ,Bleed him to death , every pain he tends to take 

Took everything already , I give my sins now this flame is ready to burn

Look at me you devil , where is your fear

Fear comes from hope , I lost it my Lord

Keep him alive , let him live cruelest one should live for more

Everyday I will try dieing to question your might

What are you fighting for ,I will take it from you 

Already taken , left alone of my own 

This day I take your soul and leave you with just body 

What work do I precure , other half gone 

Heart broken , soul taken and body left 

This is how an dead man looks.

Adios he said to everyone , road to parallel universe

Where will you go ! My child a mother asked 

I don’t know ,he replied 

We are sorry , a brother said

I don’t know ,he replied 

Come home , we will fix you a father told

I don’t know ,he replied 

This was, I will make things fine meant , a sister cried at 

You Deserve a real father , not a rebel he replied 

So this is what we have came to an end of , his love asked 

Silence is all I have to give now, he replied 

Death isn’t an option everyone screamed 

Miss me everywhere ,he replied 

You can’t fight against great lord himself , its sin

I was born as a sin, lived as a lie and will die as rebel because no one ever taught me to slip demons away.

Every struggle , who was she lord asked 

Nothing ,he replied 

Lieing to someone who knows everything

Asking me who loved someone , he replied

She is coming too , will you take in

Remembering the say when kissed poison when he was dead already, he replied 

Hell is craving for you , lord said 

Burnt already , he replied 

Flame can’t fight fire. , lord asked 

Both comes from love and hate , both done  he replied 

Die in peace , lord blessed .

Peace is still living as. Family and love he replied 

From Never told to once told.

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