Fight within.

The dark night of neverending thoughts kept him awake from a very long time. As black color didn’t amuse much people, but he was adpating it very fast with no hope left.

Those were the days when he was left with broken heart and dead soul inside. With the warm fuzzy blanket by the offset of starting June. Everything around him gave chills as temperature had bowed down to his soul make it minus and negative. All just because he had to complete the book that kept him far along the line of being sucidal.

Every arch hour he cried for her presence ,it made it pretty clear that commericalized word love had much more to keep within him for her. He never got a chance to show actual empathy and actual feelings that he was subjected to. She was long gone and every minute he was being lashed by the storms of emptyness, he craved her section of presence making it more difficult than ever to breathe.

He looked back to the time and walked down to the chats of her being so in love with him as he was a little less than what she felt, but yet today the chapter coming to close end makes him nervous about the feelings that a life without her will be much more painful than a wound bleeding or pain equalant to death.

As she was sleeping in the mudes of happy dreams he was awake ,tears crawling down his cheeks begging the eternally silent lord to pour down some love in her heart again. As this time he would not keep any table unturned to make her ,his.

It was a feeling of death before dieing what was he left with , unanswered questions and never ending pain.

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