Fly away.

In cold rainy moment he was defined to his own chills because of pain. As time was leading them to separation empty chairs at an airport screamed his helplessness. Everyone boarding for a new place and new thoughts ,he was already subjected to his own selflessness. Hearing every announcement as it was called for him. Where was his mind wandering. Being drunken in love and begging for the quotient of his unanswered question.

He had to burn some Bridges to get some feelings. All alone he watched her busy with in her own life of standards. She was the only thing he saw, everywhere as it was slowly killing him.

She couldnt love anyone the way she loved him. Was she trying to replace him. As he was not. It hurts him to realize how much he needs her. He doesn’t want to but can’t live with being her shoe.

He was always he doesn’t know. He met non harm as he always wondered what they could be. He saved a life, by giving that soul their name. Quite and silence but yet he was all alone , doing things that no one noticed. As last night the recipient of tears was known , every tear lashing down to the streams of his soul. By time when everything was falling apart he calls , he texts and he was missing her on the front seat as usual. That by time he was scratching his heart was for a chance knowing he had to level his subjective life to the equalant pain.

Airport seemed to be empty like it too was in grief of their separation. As lord was eternally silent , watching his remorse and cry. So it rained finally making it more heavy.

As he used to blab that friends can break your heart. You still love and your friends don’t know. Lied to her , as he was living a life full of lies. When love and trust is gone so it is moving on.

“I hate you , I love you Gnash ft Olivia. O’Brien”

This song turned out to be on repeat as it had to say all. 

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