Morning Mourning

That shade had its own music

Those strings speak their own pain

Once again left alone in those patterned lines where my soul will drain,

Come back and leave again

As he wasnt dying in his own dreams with no gain

Someday these rituals will end and the funeral will start

Like her name hits my heart as a dart,

Sadistic music flows in air

With no love seen still emotions land up in high gear

Yet silence has its own chords of line calling

Oh my mistake become my misery and never treat me well as i will always be falling,

Those lights thumping of the night calls for your name

Eyes wet soul drenching in limbo of unsure emotion maybe its just a game

Those drums beat with the heart loosing its name and place

What and why and where stand at for your name with out my ugly face,

I dwell in no one with no reason to run after your shallow name yet it has relief

Thundering it is in the morning with my soul mouring in its own way thats my endless belief,

Anger and confusion was what she had by her side switching in itself which side to take

While a trembling chipping voice stands behind everyone and smile but its always fake

Just words to stake his own wings of love and love only

Heart had no madness but road was difficult to suffer with no one to say a sorry,

He couldn’t forget

He couldn’t forget

The name

That name

That face

Each Morning a soul used to Mourn, With daylight cutting off the sky and no reason to build up her name But stories started and it never ended by my bad name,

No way to meet her, No reason to see her,As every reason is built to meet her with just no reason ending by breaking my skull.

“Same as she became unseenia and he became nevertold”

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