Voice and Screams

nothing would ever stop if i die

that ride to somewhere leads to nowhere i cry,

beats study has no stop

connect it way to way as a dot,

i see pretty good waste in the symphony of love

there is no mercy in your name; so no reason to bow,

voice is screaming loud and clear

nothing can stop me to be in fear,

tracks and trees lead to your story

all i hail within is just a sorry,

simple is the art of giving

why had you blazed your soul for not living,

i rather be anywhere but here, they say

but there were no good years its just mud and clay,

its just deep blue sky that screams

blue turns grey with no twinkle beams.

up above pain i see my filled heart

like a kid i wonder how high can i go only to push the heavenly cart,

i see mountains calling me

i see devalued place of outmost misery calling me,

as day meets the night look into my eyes

for which no where i feel my love dies.

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